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Vocational Education and Training

Tate Bertola VET Beazley Winner 2016

Esperance Senior High School offers a range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses, which are aimed at providing students with an introduction to the workplace in their chosen industry.

VET Courses

Students will be enrolled in a Level II/III or IV Certificate (relevant to their vocational pathway), Workplace Learning (WPL), English and Mathematics (Year 12 optional). Other subjects studied will be dependent on the VET Course the student is enrolled in.

Workplace Learning (WPL)

WPL is a subject offered in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Programs in Years 11 and 12. WPL involves students undertaking a placement in a local business where they are trained by the business and are required to develop skills to industry level.

School Resources

Employer Survey 2023 - coming later in 2023

Logbook - updated 25/2/2022

WPL Information - updated 25/2/2022

WPL Forms ABD 2022 - updated 25/2/2022

WPL Form C 2022 - Landscape Version - updated 25/2/2022

WPL Form C 2022 - Portrait Version - updated 25/2/2022

​WPL Information - PAID employment  - updated 25/2/2022

WPL Forms - PAID employment  - updated 25/2/2022

Useful Links

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