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VET Metals and Engineering

Metals and Engineering VET Student

Where will Certificate II in Engineering lead you?

Certificate II in Engineering will lead students to a wide range of job, apprenticeship and/or traineeship positions in the Engineering or Metals industry area. 

Certificate II in Engineering is delivered via a VETiS profile program through South Regional TAFE. 2022 is the final year of this program. 

Common work tasks

  • Examine detailed drawings or specifications to find out job, material and job requirements.
  • Cut, roll, shape, bend, mould, spin, heat or hammer metal products to fabricate parts or sub-assemblies.
  • Heat treat metal parts and components.
  • Set up and/or operate hand and machine tools, and welding equipment.
  • Assemble parts and structures by lining up and joining them by welding, bolting or riveting.
  • Finish products by cleaning, polishing, filing or bathing them in acid solutions, or by applying protective or decorative coatings.

Are you suited?

  • Do you enjoy working with machines?
  • Are you able to cope with the physical demands of the job?
  • Do you have enough strength to handle materials, tools and machines?
  • Do you have good hand eye coordination?
  • Are you able to work in a team or independently?
  • Are you patient?
  • Are you able to carry out accurate work?
  • Are you safety conscious?
  • Do you have good mathematical ability?

If you answer yes to all or most of these questions then a job in Metals and Engineering is for YOU!

Year 12 Subjects

  • Certificate II in Engineering
  • Workplace Learning
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • 1 or more industry related subjects such as Materials, Design and Technology - Metals and or Engineering Studies