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Surveys for Parents

We will use this page to present surveys to parents as they arise.

Current Surveys:


The School is currently seeking the views of parents on the performance of the school. Parents are asked to complete the National School Opinion Parent Survey and the Be You Family Survey. Information regarding these surveys is outlined below.

Students will also be asked to complete student versions of the surveys. This will occur in the coming weeks and students will complete the surveys during class time.

National School Opinion Survey - not open yet.

All schools in Australia are required to administer the agreed national school parent, student and staff opinion surveys at least every two years. The results of this survey will be published in our annual school report. The analysis of the information about how parents view the school, and how they would like to see it develop, will be used in current and future planning.

Completing this online survey will not take you long, but the information will help us to achieve our goal of providing the best possible education for students.

All questionnaires are anonymous. You do not need to write your name on it, so please answer frankly.

Be You Family Survey - not open

The Be You Family Survey is designed to help gather mental health and wellbeing-related perceptions of all parents and carers within our school. Responses gathered from parents and carers can help highlight what we are doing well and what we can do better, as part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

The links to the surveys are attached below and are also on the school’s website under the parent tab. Paper copies will be available from the front office of the School on request.