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Student Services - for students

Student Services is in this school to help you! We provide high quality services that support you, enhance your learning and experiences and are responsive to your changing needs.  

Student Services supports a safe learning environment, to develop life skills complementary to academic learning.  We provide holistic pastoral care for all students so our service contributes to a unique positive experience at Esperance Senior High School.

Come and see the student services team if you need help with any of the following:

  • First aid
  • Feeling poorly
  • Timetables
  • Medication storage
  • Lost property
  • Contacting parents in an emergency
  • Asking for advice and support
  • Someone to share a problem with

First Aid & Illness

If you are not well in lesson, you must let your teacher know and they will give you a pass to be excused from the lesson and come down to Student Services. You will then be assessed by a member of staff who will decide whether you are well enough to stay in school or need to be picked up and taken home. If you go home you must sign out of school in the signing/in out book. Sometimes pupils feel better after a little rest and a drink of water and can then return to class.


If you cannot remember what class you have next or where you should be then please come to Student Services. We will help you get to class and print off a new timetable for you. It is also possible to print your own timetable from the school Internet (within school).

Medication Storage

The School Nurse is able to store any medication that you may need whilst at school. If you have recently been prescribed any medication and, or the Nurse is unaware of any health concerns you have please drop by and discuss it with us. If you have any questions about your or your families health we are always happy to talk with you and answer your questions. If we are unable to answer your questions we will always help you find and speak to someone who can.

Late for school & Signing in & Out

If you are late into school you must sign in at the Front Office or Junior Campus Office You must also bring a note into school to explain why you are late or your carer can send a text or email.

If pupils need to leave school for any reason eg. a dentist appointment, parents must send a letter or ring the school prior to the appointment explaining the reason you need to leave. This note needs to be brought to the front office when you are leaving. If you have forgotten or misplaced your letter we will phone home to confirm your reason for singing in or out of school.

 Lost Property

Any lost property left in and around school is held by the School Chaplain. If there is a name on a lost item of clothing, we do try to reunite it with the owner. The School Chaplains Office is in the same building as the nurse next to the Front Office. Occasionally lost property is handed to the Front Office on the same day it has been lost. If the School Chaplain does not have your item it may be worth asking at the front office also.