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Student Services - Parent Information

Our main aim is to work with students and all staff members, to develop excellent student support and student support services. By doing this, we help our students make good choices so they are ready to learn and we can promote progression throughout each academic year, until they participate in further and higher education.

Student Services supports a safe learning environment, to develop life skills complementary to academic learning.  We provide holistic pastoral care for all students so our service contributes to a unique positive experience at Esperance Senior High School.

We are the first port-of-call for students requiring assistance with:

  • First aid or unwell students
  • Timetables
  • Medication storage
  • Lost property
  • Contacting parents in an emergency
  • Asking for advice & support
  • Someone to share a problem with

Student Services has two offices. The main Student Services Office is located between the library and the PAC/Music room, near the main school reception. Please sign in at the front office if you wish to visit the Student Services team.

The main Student Services office is where you will find the Student Services Coordinator, the School Nurse, the School Psychologist and the Student Services Officer.

Students in year 7 and 8 have an additional support area situated by the bike racks. This is where the Lower school Student Services Officer is located.

Pastoral care of students is also undertaken by the year coordinators, the youth education officer, the school chaplain and the Girls Academy Coordinator.

Please see the information on the Contact Us page to contact the Student Services Team.

The Team:

Psychologist -  Kath Kirchner
(Awaiting provisional registration)
Mentor - Allira Henderson Mentor - Mia Zivilica
Nurse - Heather Campbell Participation Officer - Julie Hawke
Chaplain - Christine Blair
Aboriginal Education Coordinator
Sarah Day
AIEO - Clarrie Green AIEO - Annette Hanson

Year 7 Coordinator ​
Beau Scanlon

Year 8 Coordinator
Jodie Falconbridge
Year 9 Coordinator
Lydia Thurston-Redpath
Year 10 Coordinator
Brett Landers

Year 11 Coordinator 
Youth Education Officer 
Geoff Poole 

Year 12 Coordinator
Peter Turner