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Student Planner

Student Planners were introduced in 2021.

The Planners have proved to be very helpful. We will continue their use in 2022.

All Year 7 students will receive a free Planner.

Students from other year groups can buy a Planner from the Front Office.

  • Designed to support the transition of our Year 7s to high school.
  • Students in Year 7 will only receive ONE Planner, so they need to look after it.
  • The Planner will be used across learning areas to support the development of study skills as well as positive wellbeing habits.
  • It will be explicitly used in:
    • Humanities and Social Sciences to support study and organisational skills
    • Health to support the development of mental and physical wellbeing strategies
    • English and the Library to encourage positive reading habits
  • It is vital that students look after and maintain their Planner
  • It needs to come to school every day to support their learning.
  • Information on the development of skills and concepts will be found on the Year 7 Connect page.
  • Will help the students achieve their personal best.
  • Strongly supported by the Year 7 teachers at school.