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School Development Days

Aboriginal Culture Day

Aboriginal Culture Day

School Development Days

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School development days provide an opportunity for school staff to collaborate for the purpose of whole school planning, professional development and school review. They are an essential element in supporting the implementation of the School’s 2022 - 2024 Business Plan and associated strategic directions.

The following table provides an overview of the School’s current strategic priorities along with associated School Development Day activities.

Strategic Priority

Associated School Development Day Activities

Student Achievement and Progress

Analysing student and school data to identify student needs and provide a focus for teaching.

High Quality Teaching and Leadership

Sharing best practice teaching strategies to support the engagement and learning of all students.

Safe and Supportive Learning Environment

Collaborating with colleagues to develop initiatives supporting a positive, caring, inclusive and supportive school environment.

Effective School Relationships

Plan opportunities for partnerships between the School and local community.


School development days are an integral part of the School’s self-review cycle. This cycle, based on the Department of Education’s School Improvement and Accountability Framework, has the School’s strategic priority of student achievement and progress as the focus of planning at Esperance Senior High School.

Our school improvement cycle has three components:

• Assessing data and other evidence related to student achievement and school operations.

• Planning to improve the standards of student achievement.

• Acting to implement planned strategies.

There are six school development days where students do not attend:

  • Two of these days are before the school year starts for students and one day is after the school year ends for students.
    • Each school schedules another three days throughout the year in consultation with its school board/council and school community.