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Reading: Reading is a fundamental skill. We get better at reading by reading. Students should undertake a minimum of 20-30 minutes of sustained reading every day. This is different to reading social media feeds. Most English classes will visit the school’s library and students are encouraged to borrow a book to read during these visits. In addition to this, the library is open before school, lunchtimes and after school until 4pm Monday to Friday. Students in English classes may have an assigned book to read.

The benefits of reading for pleasure include (from: The Evidence on Reading for Pleasure):

  • Reading attainment and writing ability
  • Text comprehension and grammar
  • Breadth of vocabulary
  • Positive reading attitudes
  • Greater self-confidence as a reader
  • Pleasure in reading later in life
  • General knowledge
  • A better understanding of other cultures
  • Community participation and
  • A greater insight into human nature and decision making.

Our school actively promotes reading. English classes have been making links between Growth Mindset and attitudes to reading - effort equals improvement!

The library organises a major event each term to encourage students to read. The major event each year is Book Week - a week long event to celebrate the best in Australian children's literature. 

There is mounting evidence that there is a decline in students who read. This has negative implications for student academic progress.

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