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Quiet Lion Tour - Thailand

Many opportunities exist in the school for students to develop life skills through undertaking camps, excursions and tours like the Canberra Trip, the Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards, the New Zealand Tour, the Tour de France and the Quiet Lion Tour.

The Quiet Lion Tour enables students to attend ANZAC day each year in Thailand where they learn about and experience the history of the building of the Burma-Thailand Railway during World War II.

This tour has proven to be a life changing experience for the more than 120 students and 40 staff who have been part of this journey since it commenced with local ex-prisoner of war, Ernie Redman, in 2000.

The tour is dedicated to the memory of the ex-prisoners of war and Sir Edward ‘Weary’ Dunlop, the Quiet Lion himself, for their courage and bravery in extreme adversity; and ensures that today’s generation learns about this history to pass onto future generations. The school is very privileged to be part of this tour and to help keep alive this incredible part of Australia’s wartime history.