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Programs at ESHS

Esperance Senior High School comprises the Senior School (years 9, 10, 11 and 12) and a Junior Campus for year 7 and 8 students based on aspects of middle schooling philosophy. Students are placed in reasonably homogeneous class groups, in English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences, whilst all other learning areas are unstreamed. A special Fast Track type program operates for students at educational risk in year 10, the rural skills program at the school farm. Two Cadet units operate in the school, with strong support from local community groups: the Department of Environment and Conservation’s Bush Rangers WA Cadets and the Emergency Services Cadets.

In Upper School, students can undertake university bound WACE courses or a Vocational Education and Training (VET) course in agriculture, automotive, building and construction, metals and engineering, business, child care, community recreation, hairdressing, beauty therapy or hospitality. Students in some VET courses also access VTEC to undertake their national competencies training for their Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) certificate.

The Junior Campus provides a safe learning environment and dedicated physical area for year 7 and 8 students. Students study English, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences, Languages, Health and Science in the Junior Campus, and access the school's practical areas for their Arts, Physical Education and Technology and Enterprise subjects.

A number of special programs exist for varying groups of students, including Gifted and Talented programs, and special Commonwealth literacy and numeracy classes for Mathematics and English intensive tutoring. Students have consistently achieved outstanding results at a national level in the Tournament of Minds’ (TOM) critical and creative thinking skills competition. Esperance SHS is the only school to date in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to have won all four categories in TOM: Social Sciences, Maths Engineering, Language Literature and Applied Technology.

The school has a strong emphasis on sporting, cultural and social activities, so students are not disadvantaged by the tyranny of distance. Many camps and excursions are organised, including trips on the Leeuwin Sail Training Ship, and camps in music, literature, visual arts, photography, geography, science, agriculture, outdoor education, careers, cadets, interschool sport and Country Week.

Students have travelled overseas to Thailand on the Quiet Lion Tour for ANZAC Day, to Japan, Saint Martin de Re in France (Esperance’s twin town), Europe and New Zealand. The holistic development of students has a strong focus at Esperance Senior High School, with students given opportunities for leadership positions, community service and participation in academic, cultural, agricultural and sporting extra-curricular experiences that are both character building and life enhancing