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Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA)

The OLNA is an online literacy and numeracy assessment. It is designed to enable students to successfully meet the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) requirement of demonstrating the minimum standard of literacy and numeracy.

Minimum standard of literacy and numeracy

To successfully meet the literacy and numeracy requirement, students must demonstrate the skills regarded as essential to meet the demands of everyday life and work in a knowledge-based economy. 

These skills must be demonstrated in:

  • Literacy (reading and writing)
  • Numeracy.


Students who have achieved Band 8 or higher in any of the three components of reading, writing and numeracy in their Year 9 NAPLAN are acknowledged as having demonstrated proficiency in using a range of ACSF Level 3 skills in that component and will not be required to sit the corresponding OLNA test.

The tests:

Students that have to sit the OLNA tests have six attempts to pass - two testing sessions occur in years 10, 11 and 12. Students experiencing difficulty in passing any of the OLNA tests are assisted at school with areas of weakness.