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France Trip

France Trip
17 October 2018

ESHS staff and students travelled to France from the 21st September to 3rd October. We spent 4 days in Paris touring museums and significant cultural sites, and then the remainder of the time was spent in Esperance’s Twin Town Saint Martin de Ré. Students were hosted with French families and attended school in both Saint Martin and La Rochelle. The school goes normally every two years, and this year coincided with the 30th Anniversary Celebrations of the Twin Town Association.

Music Camp

Music Camp
12 September 2018

Highlights included a tour of WAAPA including its “behind the scenes” courses, a trip to Crown to watch Aladdin and a very successful concert for friends and families.

Music Festival

Music Festival
30 August 2018


1st places to: Jazz Band, Lyrical Ladies (Chloe Lawrence, Jessica Robinson, Megan Kelman and Soveryn Dickinson), Ysabel Villamayor, Sam Jefferies (Guitar), Chelsea Ryan-Galloway, Caitlin Oversby, Keely Johnston, ESHS Brass Students (Shelby Kennedy, Chelsea Ryan-Galloway, Manaia Hiku, Jack Harris, Cherry Rickerby, Lachlan Warren), Year 7 Flute duet (Greta Lauritsen, Chloe Matthews), Year 8 Guitars (Amellia Graham, Holly Goodwin)

2nd Places to: Senior Band, Junior Band, Guitar Ensemble, Macenzie Clare, Greta Lauritsen, Caitlin Hindley, Sam Jefferies (sax), Jessica Robinson, Year 7 Guitars (Hayden Ryan, Lucy Gray, Keanu Ngapo. Normally George McCrea would be in the group, but he was absent following a hockey injury)

Highly commended: Chloe Mathews, Jessica Smith, ESHS Flutes (Marissa Dattani, Livinia Florisson, Raila Coxall, Jessica Smith)

Major Prizes

Highest Points in Woodwind u/18: Ysabel Villamayor

Most Promising u/18: Keely Johnston

Highest points in Guitar: James Dwyer

Highest points in piano (Junior): Olivia Pokela

Most Outstanding Item: The Full Cacophony (Music teacher Brad Oversby, Robyn McIntrye, Ilka McKewon, Sharyn Pratt and Genevive Redding)

Peter Pan - School Production

The Peter Pan Cast
30 August 2018

Many thanks to Director Liz Elliott, Music Director Brad Oversby and Music and Choreographer Fiona Lemon for their outstanding efforts with this year's school production of Peter Pan.

The cast and crew performed six admiral shows. Audiences were delighted with the incredible high standard of the show. The final night sell-out was testament to the word-of-mouth message that "you must see this show!".

Science Fair

Science Fair
30 August 2018
  • Year seven students produced a poster on a science question of their choice. 
  • All of their hard work was showcased at the annual Science Fair on Tuesday 21st August.
  • A total of 60 projects including two submissions from our Ed support students were displayed.
  • Teachers, parents as well as year 5&6 students from Castletown, Esperance, Nulsen, OLSOTS and Esperance Christian Primary had the opportunity to view our student’s fantastic projects and ask them questions about their experiment design or results. 
  • Winners were announced on the day with the following students taking out the top 3 prizes.
  • 1st  place = Soaring Soccer Balls (Jack Harris, Jack Riley and Joshua Burge - shown in the photo)
  • 2nd place  =   Soap Duds ( Greta Lauritzen, Ella Smith and Chelsea Ryan-Galloway)     
  • 3rd  place = The Best Shopping Bag ( Trent Osis-Slade, Cameron Carter and Mitchell van Beek)
  • Well done to all our Year seven students who took part, we were very impressed and proud of all your efforts!

Minister for Education Visits ESHS

Head Girl and Boy with Minister for Education and Training
30 August 2018

The Minister met with the P&C President, School Board Chair, parents, staff and students. The Minister also visited some classrooms in action and noted "the classroom visits that followed augmented what I had heard and furnished me with a strong sense of the sound work you and your staff are doing."

Poet visit

Poet Anne Pettit visits
5 June 2018

Students enjoyed working with Poet Anne Pettit and themes of "Found". Anne is in Esperance as part of an "Act Belong Commit - Writing to Performance" program.

Anne is an experienced sustainability educator and creative writing workshop presenter. Students created short free form poetry and were encouraged to attend the presentation evening.

Quiet Lion Tour 2018

Quiet Lion Tour 2018
14 May 2018

The Quiet Lion Tour is organised by volunteers, including surviving ex prisoners of war (POW) of the Japanese during World War II who worked on the Burma-Thailand railway, with the following objectives:

To perpetuate the memory of the privations and sacrifices of Australian and Allied prisoners of war and the selfless dedication of the medical personnel during the construction of the Burma Thailand Railway by informing current and future generations through all forms of education and particularly with the Annual Quiet Lion Tours to the Burma Thai Railway; the River Kwai; the Three Pagoda Pass; Anzac Day at "Hellfire Pass" and Kanchanaburi War Cemetery.

Students laid a wreath in honour of Ernie Redman OAM. Ex-POW,Ernie was an honorary staff member of Esperance SHS and accompanied many students on the tour.

Rick Wilson MP visits Esperance SHS

11 April 2018

Teacher Renee Passell writes: As part of the Year 9 Civics course students learn ways to be an active citizen. This involves first learning how our Legal and Political system operates and then how they play a vital role in that system. Part of this journey involved finding out who represents us in the Federal and State parliaments and then the ways we could contact them if we had concerns, wanted an issue raised or needed information.  Students emailed Rick Wilson and invited him into our class so they could ask him questions about issues that concerned them. 

Students researched a political or legal issue that they were interested in and researched what laws were in place in regards to their issue. The issues they researched included:

  • Live export trade
  • Euthanasia
  • The Adani Coal mine
  • Free university
  • Same sex marriage
  • Gender equity

There were other topics also such as manufacturing in Australia and Abortion laws.

The students prepared 3 questions about their issue and a topic that concerned youth in regional towns and typed them up before his visit. On the day he stayed for 45 minutes and answered a variety of questions from all of the class that were very good questions.  After he left we analysed his answers and voted on how well he answered each question - based on the facts they had gathered. I was very proud of the class.