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Women's Leadership Forum

Women's Leadership Forum
2 April 2019

The theme was gender equity and innovative ways to close some of those gaps. Guest speakers Vicky Williams, Leanne Cassam and Casey Rowe all provided insight into where their inspiration comes from and what their passions are. All three are strong supporters of women in education and women in leadership, particularly young women.

“If I can leave you with one important thing, it is to be true to you. Do what you enjoy and you will be awesome at it.” - Leanne Cassam

“All women should support other women, every chance we get we must help, support or promote another girl or another woman.” - Vicky Williams

Tea Johnston and Alanna Foster, event emcees, said the day was a huge success. Alanna said “I was really nervous to speak but I did very well. Now that it is over I feel really proud of myself because I have not done public speaking like that before. All of the girls did a really good job.”

The Girls Leadership Project will be running a schoolgirls conference all about leadership and body image as well as a leadership camp by the end of the year.