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Tournament of Minds

Engineering Maths Team
16 September 2016

TOM is a problem solving competition. This year we had four teams: Language Literature, Social Sciences, Maths Engineering and Science Technology. There are seven students per team. The teams are given a problem six weeks before the regional finals. Teams have 10 minutes to present their solution for the problem to a team of judges.

The judges mark the solution based on:

  • Answering the question (this is broken down into different components and different points are allocated for each section)
  • Presentation skills – a choice of two from a long list including sound-scapes, rhyme, creative movement
  • Two forms that are submitted outlining their solution and a costing list.

Teams are only allowed to use hand-made props created from a list of allowable materials and recycled products for their presentation.

Teams are also given a “Spontaneous” problem and have between three and five minutes to solve  the problem and usually only one minute to present. For the spontaneous section teams are judged on:

  • Solving the problem; and
  • Working together as a team (everyone must contribute)

This year the Social Sciences and Language Literature teams went through to State finals. The Language Literature team were awarded honours (runner-up).

The Social Sciences team won and are now funding-raising for the Australian Pacific Finals on the Gold Coast!