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Esperance Farm Training Centre - Royal Show

Esperance Farm Training Centre - Royal Show
21 October 2019

Perth Royal Show 2019.

It was that time of the year again when a group of staff and students from Esperance Farm Training Centre travelled up to Perth to compete and show animals over ten days during the school holidays.

We had six staff members, a dozen students, nine cattle and a dozen sheep.  We left early in the morning (5:30am on Wednesday the 25th of September), we returned 10 days later, weary but proud.

The students were excellent and represented themselves and the school with aplomb. 

The first competitions were RSA Farm Skills; think the Olympics for farmers.  Students had to complete a variety of tasks; wool classing, ram judging, drafting, steer appraisal, tractor driving, first aid, GPS and weed identification just to name a few.   In total, there were 14 events to show case the varied skills of young farmers.

The rest of the show revolved around preparing the cattle and the sheep for showing.   This meant lots of early starts and long days, but our students handled this well and achieved some great results.  There is a summary listed below.  Special mention needs to be made of very own Henco Maree and Jasmine Vincent; our yr 10 Farm students who were competing in their first show, Henco  achieved a 3rd place for his age group.  In addition, our AWI team with Jordan Forbes, Jade Challinger, Lily Daw and Taia Farnham-Offer for their excellent efforts.

2019 Perth Royal Show results 

Cattle (Red Angus) 

  • Reserve Champion Heifer 
  • Reserve Champion Bull 
  • Grand Champion heavy weight led steer 
  • Reserve Grand Champion led Steer 
  • 2nd Pairs  
  • 1st Breeders  group of 3 
  • 2nd bull over 15 months 
  • 1st bull over 18 months 
  • 2nd Heifer over 18 months 
  • 3rd Heifer over 18 months 


Students Paraders

Braydon Kulker State parader’s 

Hendrik Maree 3rd   Student paraders 

Jasmine Vincent   Student paraders 


  • AWI Future Sheep Breeders Challenge –merino wether preparation): 1st  
  • AWI Future Sheep Breeders Challenge –Merino Wether Measurements- 3rd place 
  • AWI Young Sheep Producers Challenge–Ewe Selection Lily Daw received 3rd place 
  • AWI Young Sheep Producers Challenge –Wool Handling- Lily Daw and Jade Challinger received 3rd place 

A big thank to  Crystal Henderson, Vicky Hempsell, Mick Harris and  Chris Vibart who all put in extra hours to make the show such a successful event for our students.  It is great to have staff who are willing to do extra so our students don’t miss out on such amazing opportunities. 

A special thanks to Jan O’Connell who gave up her holidays, and volunteered  to support our students.