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Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards 2016

AATFA  2016
17 August 2016

Seven months of industrious work has paid off for the students who entered creations in the Casual, Formal, Wearable Art and Society and Environment categories at the Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards on Saturday 13th August. The night was a fabulous showcase of some amazing talent. Students had to sew and model their outfits. Students looked the part with hair and makeup done via the generation donations of our local businesses. The following students won through to the state finals to be held in Perth:

Jolandi Maree - Casual
Ella Coxall: Formal and Casual (modelled by Willow Pollard)
Kia Mack: Casual
Ryley Major and Kasey Corry: Wearable Art
Charlie Cope, Kia Mack and Kaiya Bishop: Society and Environment

Thank you to Apex for their support of this great event. Special thanks to Esperance SHS teacher, Mrs Ann Chambers, who worked before school, recess, lunchtime and after school to help students finish their garments!