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The Esperance SHS Music Program consists of Class Music and Instrumental Music. Most of our students are involved in both programs, however students can be involved the Class Music program without learning an instrument.

The Class Music program consists of different modules which introduces students to both Contemporary and Classical aspects of Music Education. The course teaches students in the areas of Aural/Theory Skills, Composition/Arranging, Cultural and Historical Perspectives, and Performance. Students have the opportunity to study Music through to upper school and we offer students both ATAR and General Music courses in Years 11 and 12.

The Instrumental Music program is provided through the School of Instrumental Music – most students are able to continue their instrumental studies through from primary school, however a limited number of places are offered to beginners in high school as well. Students in the Instrumental Program are also involved in the Class Music program, and both of these courses complement each other. Students receive one lesson a week from specialist music teachers on their chosen instrument. Students are expected to participate in at least one school ensemble once they reach the required standard on their instruments. Esperance SHS currently offers Junior and Senior Concert Band, Junior and Senior Guitar Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble. We also offer Choir, small ensembles and Jazz Band (invitation only). Students also have the opportunity to continue their instrumental studies through to Year 12, either as part of an ATAR or General course, or through PIMS (Music Ensemble Performance) which is an endorsed music course developed by the Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority.

Being involved in the Esperance SHS Music Program is a fantastic opportunity for students – there are numerous performance opportunities throughout the year, as well as students participating in the annual Primary School Tour, Music Camp and end of year Music Showcase. The program gives students many benefits, including teaching students self-esteem, respect, group skills, creativity, perseverance and excellence.  

Music Ensemble Rehearsal Times