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Learning Support Program

Learning Support Education Assistants - wearing orange in support of Pader Willi Syndrome Awareness.

ESHS is an inclusive community where every student is valued and fully participates in a quality educational program, in a mainstream environment. The Learning Support Team aims to promote inclusive practices within the ESHS learning community. The team provide opportunities for our students, diagnosed with disabilities, to successfully access the curriculum and participate in all programs offered at ESHS. The Team acts in a consultative and collaborative capacity with teachers and parents in addressing the learning needs of individual students.

The Learning Support Team:

Learning Support Coordinator:

Role: To provide leadership and work in collaboration with Parents, Education Assistants, Teachers, Administration and External Agencies, in all matters relating to the education of Disability Resourced students.

Education Assistants:

Role: Is primarily one of mentoring and supporting students to achieve success, by empowering them with strategies to become increasingly independent. Education Assistants proactively support learning by modelling and prompting the use of strategies; monitor and clarify student understanding of instructions; assist to get started on tasks; assist with technology aids; scaffold tasks as much as possible and prompt students to transfer these skills across the curriculum.