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Follow The Dream

Follow the Dream - Partnerships for Success

Follow the Dream: Partnership for Success

Follow the Dream: Partnership for Success is a voluntary program for high achieving Aboriginal secondary school students. The program provides after school tuition, individualised mentoring, and support and case management to assist these students to continue achieving excellent outcomes at school, complete year 12 and obtain university entry.

The program can also include high achieving and motivated students undertaking vocational education and training (VET) school pathways, provided they meet the program’s selection criteria.

Students are selected to participate in the program through a local selection process.

The program operates at 25 public schools throughout Western Australia, including Esperance Senior High School, and services approximately 600 students. The program is managed locally at the school where it operates, with funding and system level coordination and support provided by the Aboriginal Education Branch. Eleven of the program sites are co-funded and co-managed by a not-for-profit organisation, The Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation, which brokers industry support and funding for program sites.

Horizon Power gave a $500 Bursary each to two outstanding students at the 2011 and 2012 local End of Year Celebration and $1000 at the 2013 End of Year Celebration to another very worthy and deserving student. (Please note the students apply for the bursaries by addressing set criteria including leadership skills, community engagement, school engagement and participation, career aspirations and how the bursary will assist them. The students also include references.)

Program Objectives include the following for participating students:

  • achieve a Western Australian Certificate of Education and enter university;
  • attend school regularly;
  • achieve high school grades and have high levels of literacy and numeracy;
  • have a broad range of post school education, training and employment options and opportunities;
  • achieve a successful post school transition;
  • have high self expectations;
  • parents and communities have high expectations, involvement and pride in the success of the students.

Please note:  parts of the program overview have been extracted from the Department of Education Aboriginal Education Internet page as indicated below.

Department of Education - Aboriginal Education