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Connect for Parents

Need Connect Help?

Email this address for all Connect queries and help:

Step by step guide to Connect for parents.

What is Connect?

Connect is an integrated online environment developed ‘in-house’ by the Department of Education for staff, students and parents in public schools. Connect is integrated with existing Department systems and services including digital resources, Western Australian Curriculum, email and Reporting to Parents. 

You will be able to see information specific to your own child or children such as:

  • The classes in which your children are enrolled
  • Class calendars
  • Week by week attendance information
  • Assessment Outlines information
  • Assessments and results for your own child
  • Work provided on Connect for your child
  • Notices from classes.

Please note that class use of Connect will vary depending on computer availability for students at school and the nature of the subject.

How to access Connect

Upon enrolment, parents will be given their own secure login to Connect through the school.  This will be a P-number as a user name and a starting password that you can change. 

The web address to access Connect is: 

If you have multiple children, you will only need one login - even if your children attend different public schools.

You will require Internet access and a computer, tablet or smartphone device

Student Access to Connect

Students access Connect using their school user name and password. Student user accounts are managed at school.

Connect Now App

Download the free Connect Now App for Android or iOS. The app lets you receive "Notification" alerts and participate in discussions.

Click here for Connect Help Documents provided by the Department of Education

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Connect?

The website for connect is: or use any of the links on the school's website.

How do I get my Username and Password?

At the start of every year, the school automatically generates these details for parents and carers. If you have not received a system generated email it will likely be due to the following:

  1. The school may not have a valid email address for you.
  2. Your child enrolled at the school after the Username and Passwords were generated.
  3. The system generated email with your Username and Password is in your spam folder.

I didn't get my Username and Password- what do I do?

Please use this email address to let us know about any Connect problems you have:

Do I need my child's details to login to Connect?

No, parents and carers have separate Connect accounts from students. You must utilise your parent specific Connect account in order to view reports and contact teachers.

My child does not have a Connect account.

All students are automatically registered with Connect as soon as they are enrolled at the school. Students can ask a teacher to look up their account in "DAM", they can visit the ICT staff or ask the Library staff for this information.

My child has no homework in Connect, is something wrong?

Assignments, tasks, and homework show up in Connect once the teacher has uploaded them. Some subjects will have less Connect content due to the practical nature of the subject.

The best way to contact a teacher is via email. All staff email addresses are available on the Contact Us page.

What if my question is not answered here?

Please utilise the Connect email address to contact us for help.