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BYOD Year 11 & 12

All Year 11 and 12 students will need to provide a personal computing device from 2023.

Parents/Guardians and students need to complete and return the BYOD Acceptable Usage Agreement Form

The device will need to support the Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft Office is free to Department of Education students. You can access the instructions to instal the software from here:

Microsoft Office for Students.

Students will need to download and instal a Security Certificate to enable the device to access the Internet fully.

Security Certificate Instructions

Students studying specialist subjects that need specialist software will still be provided with access to that software in computer labs at school. There is no need to purchase additional software.

In general, the higher the specifications the better a device will perform. Higher specifications would be needed to support specialist software. Higher specifications aid with the longevity of a device.

We recommend purchasing an extended warranty for the device.

We also recommend insuring the device. A personal device is not covered in any way by Department of Education insurance.

The program is not compulsory. Students unable to provide a device will be able to loan a device

.BYOD Program Frequently Asked Questions

My child is in Upper School in 2023. If I don’t provide a device will my child be provided with a school device to use?

Yes. The school will ensure that students have access to loan devices during the school day so they can maintain their educational program requirements. These devices will need to be borrowed and suitably cared for by students.

Is the program compulsory?

No, however we highly encourage students to bring their own device in preparation for post- school usage. A school-owned loan device will be provided in the instance where a student does not have his or her own device to utilise (i.e. it is being repaired, left at home etc.)

I have a notebook computer already – can I use it at the school?

Yes. We encourage all students to bring a device but remind you that the device needs to be able to support the Microsoft Office Suite and browse the Internet. A device with a keyboard is highly recommended.

Is a Smart Phone sufficient?

No. these devices do not meet the specifications required for students to engage in all aspects of the learning programs.

If my device is damaged at the school, will it be covered under the Department’s insurance?

No. It is highly recommended insurance options are investigated prior to coming to the school. Deliberate acts of vandalism by other students will be followed up via the school’s behaviour management processes

BYOD Policy

Parents and students will need to complete the BYOD Acceptable Use Agreement Form and return it to their Year Coordinator.

BYOD Policy

The BYOD Program

It is expected that these devices will be used by students for educational purposes and in accordance with school policies and rules.

To ensure that the device is used effectively and appropriately in a school environment school policies and rules specific to the use of the device may change over time.

To participate in the program you must:

Expectations at School

While at the school, students are expected to:

Use the device in a responsible manner adhering to the BYOD Policy

The normal “Off and Away” policy that exists for mobile phones will also apply to device use

Comply with in use or not in use instructions from teachers. Teachers will decide when students are to use the device in class

Use the device for educational purposes in line with the school learning programs

Do not leave the device unattended and ensure general safekeeping

Take personal responsibility of the device by not allowing others to use it

Ensure that the device and all additional components (carry case, charging cables etc) are clearly labelled


Students must maintain safe and responsible use of the internet and social networking sites.

The school will maintain filtering, monitoring and logging systems recording all activity and content accessed by students at school



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