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Past Student - Byron Byrne

I was a student at ESHS in the late 1980s, after which I went to the University of Western Australia and then, as a Rhodes Scholar, completed a PhD in Engineering at Oxford University. Since graduating I have been engaged in teaching and research at Oxford, one of the world’s great universities, in the privileged position as a member of the Engineering Faculty. My work, in teaching and in research, has been recognised over the years by numerous awards and prizes. In whatever I do, whether lecturing to undergraduates, solving complex research problems or providing expert advice as a consultant, I have always relied on my skills developed as a student at the High School in Esperance. I remember working hard, and playing hard, and being supported in whatever I chose to do by a great group of teachers and friends at the school. I have always felt that my educational upbringing was as good as, if not better, than any other student or colleague I have met from any other country around the world, and it has always held me in good stead as I strive to achieve the best on the world stage and in life.