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Welcome to Esperance Senior High School

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Ki-ya Nyungar Boodja
Nyungar Yorga, Nyungar Marmum
Wadjella Yorga, Wadjella Marmum
Ki-ya Kepa Kurl, Nyungar

Welcome to Nyungar Country​​
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Welcome Esperance Nyungar

Esperance Senior High School is a year 7 to 12 regional school on the south-east coast of Western Australia.

The school has a population of around 936 students and a strong culture of academic, vocational, cultural and sporting excellence. Student achievements consistently reflect the school’s vision: Esperance Senior High School, a strong community, creating opportunities for personal excellence.

The school comprises a multi-campus partnership between the Esperance Education Support Centre, the Esperance Residential College, and the South Regional TAFE.

The Junior Campus for the year 7 and 8 students, the Senior Campus for the year 9 to 12 students, including an industry-standard Trades Training Centre, and the off-site 800 hectare school farm also form part of the school’s multi-campus educational facilities that offer students a wide variety of school based and community supported programs. Such opportunities help the students to transition successfully through high school to university, TAFE or employment.


Latest News

Infinity Awards 2017

Award Winner
21 September 2017

Congratulations to Mr Bruce Fitzpatrick and the year 10 students at the Esperance Farm Training Centre who are the recipients of the Infinity Awards 2017 for the Waste Wise School Category, which recognises innovation and excellence in recycling and waste reduction.


Tournament of Minds

Tournament of Minds
3 September 2017

News update: Language Literature State Final winners - Australia-Pacific Finals in Adelaide!

Girls Academy Camp - Perth

Girls Academy Camp
22 August 2017

Esperance SHS students travelled to Perth to join in with the 9 other Academies for a combined camp.