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Welcome to Esperance Senior High School

About Us

Kepa Kurl Senior High School
Ngalang Mia Kadadjiny

Ngalang kabarli, moyiran
Koora-koora, yeyi
Djoorap, boodja bridyia’s
Wudjari – Nyungar.

Ngalak noonakoort wadjela
Nyungar, boola
Koolangka kadadjiny
Nidja boodja nyininy
Ngalak Nyungar
Wudjari, boodja
Ngalak doyintj-doyintj nyininy.

Welcome to Esperance Senior High School
Our Place of Learning
We respectfully acknowledge the past and present traditional owners of this land - the Wudjari People of the Nyungar Nation.

We also acknowledge the contributions of all Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal people to the education of the children and people in this country we all live in and share together.

Esperance Senior High School is a year 7 to 12 regional school on the south-east coast of Western Australia.

The school has a population of around 936 students and a strong culture of academic, vocational, cultural and sporting excellence. Student achievements consistently reflect the school’s vision: Esperance Senior High School, a strong community, creating opportunities for personal excellence.

The school comprises a multi-campus partnership between the Esperance Education Support Centre, the Esperance Residential College, and the South Regional TAFE.

The Junior Campus for the year 7 and 8 students, the Senior Campus for the year 9 to 12 students, including an industry-standard Trades Training Centre, and the off-site 800 hectare school farm also form part of the school’s multi-campus educational facilities that offer students a wide variety of school based and community supported programs. Such opportunities help the students to transition successfully through high school to university, TAFE or employment.